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The Lifestyle of a Passionate Farmer...

Written by Deddi JM

Director of Cultivation

Bada Bloom Inc.

Picture This ::


As you wake in the morning the warm glow of first light fills the room. Lying in bed, warm and cozy, you can see out the window the softness of a light blue sky. The colors begin to brighten signaling a new day. You hear the sounds of birds chipping, a distant turkey gobble, and the pounding of deer hooves running through the grass.

The warmth of the sun you can feel, as the rays illuminate the window sill; it’s time to rise and check the plants. Standing tall, you stretch arms wide, greeting the day with gratitude. Sliding on your shoes, you wipe the sleep from your eyes, and excitedly head out towards your greenhouse. It’s early season now, still cold, putting it all on the line with this early season crop. Planting this early is going toe to toe with the cycles of nature and its elements. Crafting the highest-grade organic cannabis, is a journey, a feat, a mission all its own. The goal, is to pull down the first harvest of the season.

Rolling up the side of the greenhouse, steam, mist, and herbal fragrance slowly rolls outside the boundaries of the structured walls, and out into the open air.

Beaming, each and every plant is launched, blazing, fulling stretching towards the sun. From the tips of the tallest leaves, down to the very roots in the soil, these emerald green living lime electric beams aka cannabis plants are exploding with life and vitality. They just want to grow.


Our greenhouse is a mixture of state of the art, and totally old school. Engineered and sanctioned, this structure extends the possibilities of gardening in nature.


In a balanced and smooth cadence, the farmer walks his rows, surrounded by the green goddess from shoulder to shoulder. He takes notes of all things his plants and gardens may need throughout the day. Intuition and connection to the subtleties of the cycles and rhythms of mother nature’s process, helps him understand what the plants may want and need.


This technique of cultivation here, is called “light deprivation” or light dep.

We’ve planted this greenhouse in early March, and at times, while the heat is on, and the LED lights are glowing, rain and even snow falls outside.

This technique, Light Dep, allows farmers to cultivate and grow cannabis in its vegetative state to desired size, then blackout sunlight upon chosen time, forcing them directly into their flower stage. This style of growing allows for faster harvest and a lengthier growing season, hedged on the fact of a greenhouse robust enough to keep the natural outside conditions at bay.


After morning rounds, it’s back down to the cabin for a morning routine. Greeted by the dogs and the fresh mountain air, the water has already been heated to boil. The smell of rich, fresh organic coffee and chocolate cinnamon fills the air. With a notebook the farmer begins to organize his thoughts and plan out the day.

Rolling with the tides, attuned, is a farmer’s way of life.

There is love and passion for the lifestyle, for the plants, and for the potent possibilities they create and offer us. We’re so proud of what we do, and how we do it.


At Bada Bloom this is the vibe we serve.

You’ll find only the finest craft cannabis throughout our product line.

The old-world way. Classic, vintage, supreme.

Sit, smoke, and experience the Bada Bloom Difference.  

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