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The Joys of Communing with High Quality Cannabis

Written by Deddi JM

Director of Cultivation

Bada Bloom

The year is 1969.

Cannabis is flowing abundantly into the States from southern border farmers. As far back as anyone can remember, farmers down south have been spreading cannabis seeds amongst their fields, set free into the dirt, call in the spring rains. "Plant a seed and let it grow", they said. Giant fields, crossing hillsides, sometimes as far as the eye can see. Cannabis consumers, in these days, can still remember the smell and taste of this unique cannabis flower grown south of the border. What stands out most, to consumers in these days, is the memory of breaking up their herb, and seed after seed, dropping out and landing in the bottom of the rolling tray with that distinct thump and “ting”


In the early 1970’s, a farmer had the idea to, instead of spreading all the seeds in a field, which will produce both male and female cannabis plants (only the females produce “buds” or flower), he adopted the method to selectively “cull” or remove all the male cannabis plants, as they began to show the signs of their sex.

In a field with strictly and only female plants without the chance of pollination from male plants, the first crop of sinsemilla, or “without seed” flower was birthed.


Since the mid 1970’s, this has become the dominant industry practice, to grow the best and highest quality flower, strictly, without seeds. ie. sensi, sinsemilla, chronic, dank, buds.


These days, with worldwide industry and naturally occurring cannabis strains being crossed by breeders, the plethora of flavors and varieties available is incredible, but, what actually makes a high-quality cannabis flower and product?


First and foremost, strain selection, nutritional inputs, plant care, environment, grower direction and vision truly are the pillars combined to great superior cannabis.


Just as a farmer who grows vegetables, there are a various methods a farmer can employ when seeking to grow a vibrant and healthy crop.

There are natural methods, synthetic methods, simple ways, and more complex strategies.


Whether growing indoors out outdoors, the farmer seeks to imitate a natural pristine environment, employing the power of the sun.


The best cannabis has minimal input of nutritional additives ie plant foods. The best cannabis is grown in healthy organic soil, is cared for by loving & attentive growers, is nourished by clean pure water, and it harvested, cured, processed and prepared with love and positive intentions.


As cannabis continues the legalize worldwide, and large companies without heart in the game seek to cash in, we’ve seen the quality of cannabis and its products gradually fall to the wayside.

The herb that bob marley love to commune with, and the flowers that have inspired many a generation since the time of Jazz and Blues in the 1940s, these days, can be so hard to find.

Far from the natural sun grown organic cannabis that the legends loved to smoke, many companies in the newly regulated cannabis realm, are producing poor, low quality, and sometimes even toxic product. Many producers are unable to produce clean healthy flowers, thus are resorting to unseen methods of "radiation practices" to remediate their sub quality and moldy bacteria ridden poorly produced product. These horrific practices would most certainly make any cannabis lover cringe and a knot form in their stomach.


The circumstance here is surely created by lack of cultivation experience, for-profit driven greedy models business models, and a disconnection between shareholders and consumer, who desire a clean, natural and wholesome cannabis product.

As the market grows into awareness and maturation, the consumer will begin notice the difference between high quality flower grown with love and good intentions, and the latter.


Here at Bada Bloom, we do things the good way, the right way, and the old school way. Inspired by the legacy of cannabis cultivator’s worldwide, and our roots of Italian vineyard soil, we believe in high quality, clean and vibrant cannabis. The herb we grow, is the herb we consumer and share with the ones we love.

For the plant. For the people. For the love.

This is our life and our purpose.

Consuming Bada Bloom products one will feel, smell, taste and vibe the difference.

Our methods and passion for the plant is what set us, and our products above and beyond the rest.

Enjoy the Bada Bloom difference.


Nella Vita Cresciamo


photo credit~tyler loring

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