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We are Italian.
We are family.
We are a community.
And we grow legendary cannabis.

Founder Michael Marinaro is a first-generation Italian-American with deep roots in both Naples and Massachusetts. For generations his family has cultivated Italian soil producing wine which has inspired Michael to infuse his knowledge of working the land with his passion for making the most selective cannabis in the industry. 


BadaBloom! Impact™

Old world techniques meet the new world of cannabis! We love the bold, sexy spirit of modern Italy and that’s exactly the spirit we’ve infused into BadaBloom Impact™. Culivated with old-world, proprietary viniculture technique named the TantAttenta™ process, we produce some of the purest, most impactful cannabis you’ll try this side of Naples. BadaBloom!


Potenza Reserva™

Welcome to Old Italy. The romantic countryside. This is where the generational depth of knowledge and experience in working the soil, water, air and sunlight come to fruition. A bespoke line of cannabis for those with discerning taste. Coming soon. 

Our Story

In life, we grow! 


Family is everything. When you push past the stereotypes of an authentic Italian heritage, and the pride that comes from being born and bred in Mass, what you’ll see in BadaBloom! is family first.


Growing up, my family and community looked out for me. Whether it was an aunt begging me to stay for dinner or my dad giving me a job crafting pizzas - I felt that bedrock of my community and family and it made me who I am today. At BadaBloom!, we feel the responsibility that comes from cultivating the best possible cannabis for our family.   


Not everyone understands or values that approach - especially with big cannabis companies rushing in to capitalize on a plant that has been providing healing benefits for ages. Just like mom took care and nourished me, I want to do that for others.


I don’t do this for cashing in. I do this to give back. Whether you see it as medicine or relaxation, I believe that you deserve to have the best, organic, whole-plant experience.

Our Founders


Michael Marinaro

CEO, Head Grower & Processor

Michael has a wealth of cultivation and processing experience developed over 5 years.  His cultivation techniques are grounded in legacy techniques modeled after his family’s vineyards.

Our Team

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Michael Marinaro



Tara J. Hopper, Esq., LCSW, LL.M.

General Counsel/Co-Founder


Vincent Sessano

Director of Project Management

Rhiannon Binder

Director of Marketing and Sales

Justin "Deddi" McFadden

Director of Cultivation

Todd Galczyk

Director of Business Development





44 Old Tyng Rd.

Tyngsborough, MA 01879

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